Agro 10MW Biomass heating boiler commisioning

On December 14, 2018 SIA “Kurekss” entered into an agreement with the Central Finance and Contracts Agency for project No. “Replacement of boiler equipment to ensure the production process of SIA Kurekss” implementation.

The aim of the project is to reduce energy consumption in the production process by replacing three existing boilers with a single 10MW biomass boiler system. This system is equipped with an electrostatic precipitator and provides the possibility to install a flue gas condenser.

As a result, the electricity consumption for production of heat will be reduced by 60%. The total planned annual energy savings are 573.85 MWh .

The duration of project implementation is 24 months. The total eligible costs of the project are EUR 1 830 000.00. The total amount of financing from the Cohesion Fund is EUR 250 000.00.