Cooperation policy

Our operations are based on sustainability, responsible business, fair competition and the rule of law. As a company that uses natural resources in its core business, we attach special importance to these issues, choosing like-minded partners and suppliers who treat their work, the environment, legislation and employees with respect and responsibility.

Forest industry companies

We work with companies that demonstrate their commitment to forest sustainability.

We also appreciate environmental and other resource management system certifications, such as ISO 14001, ISO 50001, etc.

Suspicions of deliberate damage to or pollution of the environment, illegal extraction of resources, or other activities that jeopardise the sustainability of the forest or the cleanliness of the environment may lead to refusal or suspension of cooperation.

Aspects of legality and fair competition

We cooperate with companies that, share our values of fair and honest business, comply with the requirements of laws, standards and other documents regulating company operations, don’t evade taxes and condemn bribery.