Structural finger jointed timber

The structural finger jointed timber in the product range of Kurekss Ltd. is manufactured using the high-quality one-component polyurethane adhesive, which is certified for the production of construction timber. We produce both general-purpose and  CE-marked structural finger jointed construction timber in accordance with the EN 15497 standard. Double vacuum treatment is also possible, providing UC2 use class protection.

During the production process, visually unappealing and mechanical properties reducing wood defects are cut out, as a result of which the highest-quality timber with excellent form stability is obtained; this is ensured by the equalisation of tensions among the sections.

To ensure high product quality, the sawn timber is first carefully dried to the required moisture content, during sorting select high-quality materials are chosen, from which unwanted wood defects are eliminated; finger joint teeth are cut and joined together using polyurethane ­adhesive. This adhesive does not emit harmful substances, does not lose its properties in either cold or moisture and is developed for the production of structural timber. The joined material is planed/calibrated. Double vacuum treatment comprises surface impregnation that protects wood against wood deteriorating fungi, bacteria and bugs; during the treatment the solution enters only the top layer of the timber so that the wood moisture does not increase significantly, and it is ready for immediate use. This type of treatment is suitable for elements that are not directly exposed to the weather and do not come into direct contact with water.

Cross-section (mm):

45×45 / 45×70 / 45×95 / 45×145

Length (m):

2.4 / 2.7 / 3.0 / 3.6 / 4.2 / 4.8



Standard FJ specification;