Purchase of sawlogs

Kurekss Ltd. buys spruce and pine sawlogs of various diameters and lengths. The purchase price depends on the diameter and length. Prices are given in the table per m3.

Quality requirements

  • Minimum top-end diameter under the bark: 10 cm
  • Maximum bottom-end diameter under the bark: 60 cm
  • Minimum length: 3.07 m
  • Maximum length: 6.25 m
  • Longer and shorter sawlogs are rejected
  • Maximum height of an untrimmed knot from the log surface: 4 cm
  • Maximum knot diameter for spruce: 80 mm; for pine: 100 mm
  • Permissible one-sided curvature up to 1.5%
  • Permissible compound curvature up to 1.00%
  • Dry side and fissures are not allowed in the operating cylinder (the operating cylinder is the top-end diameter – 1 cm).

Not permissible

  • Blue stain
  • Rot
  • Insect damage
  • Logs from dried trees
  • Burns, presence of grime or soot
  • Metal inclusions

For wood without FSC claim

For log delivered without any FSC claim, the following documents are required for each delivery:

  • Copy of felling certificate
  • Copies of the felling right purchase agreements for the entire wood supply chain to the forest if the wood supplier is not the forest owner
  • The “Agreement on Wood Deliveries and a Wood Origin Tracing System” must be submitted once by every supplier. The form is available on the website.

We accept shipments 24/7

  • Place of delivery: Kurekss Ltd., Graudupi, Tārgale Parish, Ventspils Municipality, Latvia, LV-3621
  • We offer a transport service for individuals. To arrange this service, call 291 414 74 or 294 033 78.
  • Sawn timber deliveries must be coordinated 5 working days in advance.

Contact information

Phone: +371 636 615 65

E-mail: resursi@kurekss.lv